World VoIP NewsThe inventor of VoIP VocalTec declares next shareholder meetingThe inventor of VoIP VocalTec declares next shareholder meeting

The inventor of VoIP VocalTec declares next shareholder meeting

The inventor of VoIP VocalTec declares next shareholder meeting
VocalTec Communications Ltd., the company that, in fact, invented voice over IP (VoIP) announced a shareholder meeting to take place on December 17, 2010. The operational records and main turnover indicators of the company are quite impressive.
VocalTec projects preliminary amounts of revenue between $117 million to $125 million for 2010, so fore instance, just on July, these predictions were a bit more modest, by estimate between $110 million to $125 million of revenue. During a conference call at the time, the company stated that this projection might prove conservative. Moreover, VocalTec expects to acquire its second quarter guidance given in its July 20th press release. As expected, VocalTec looks forward to turn a profit in the third quarter of 2010.

Monetary positive flow, prior extraordinary elements, including investment gains or losses, since merging in July continues to be very stable and has grown over $5 million. After merging with magicJack/YMAX in July, the united company has massively reduced headcount across the parent and subsidiaries it has merged with or absorbed. VocalTec expects to keep headcount at the present levels as it get itself ready for the potential of high growth.

VocalTec will file in December it's first six months 2010 reviewed financials of pre merger YMAX and the combined companies post merger 3rd quarter reviewed numbers and amounts. Due to necessity to execute this in the most efficient manner, this filing must be done after the shareholders meeting. The enterprise then looks forward to file out quarterly and annual audited financial records regularly. The company may or may not give further projections in the future, but in any case will not project more than one quarter in advance. 

The VocalTec expects the launch of magicTalk in December, and has over 100,000 Free beta downloads. This is near 10,000 downloads a day without dedicated advertisement campaign of looking for volunteers. The final release will have a set of innovations. The enterprise profoundly believes the voice quality currently using a headset with HD or even using speakers and microphone is without comparison and is simply the best anybody has ever heard on a large scale voice deployment. When the final release will happen, a more elaborated press release on magicTalk will be provided.

This press release formulates strategic development statements that highlight associated risks and uncertainties. Company depicts various factors of potential success or loses, such as:

-changes to business resulting from increased competition;
-any operational or , even, cultural complications associated with the integration of the businesses of VocalTec and YMAX;
-potential negative reactions or changes to business relationships resulting from the announcement or completion of the merger;
-unexpected costs, charges or expenditures resulting from the merger, and many others.

Before any detailed discussion among shareholders, during Annual Meeting, company takes extremely elaborated scrutiny on all relayed ‘’Risk Factors”, prior to take any practical step ahead.

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