World VoIP NewsThe likelihood of VoIP communications to be decrypted in IndiaThe likelihood of VoIP communications to be decrypted in India

The likelihood of VoIP communications to be decrypted in India

The likelihood of VoIP communications to be decrypted in India
Indian Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is about to forward a strict requirement against VoIP service providers like Google and Skype to start up the decryption of their services. In case if the demand will be submitted and accomplished, government will be able to monitor emails processed through Gmail as well as intercept voice communications via Skype.
During specific meeting with DoT, officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) stated that Google and Skype have to provide decryption of their services whenever demanded by the security entities for lawful interception of telecommunications. However, a Google spokesperson stated: “We have not been contacted by the government yet on this issue and thereby, we are unable to comment.” DoT indicated in a statement, that security issues may be taken up at international forums such as ITU, WTO and United Nations wherein VoIP service providers are mandated to take permission from member countries before launching new services; legal protection for businesses may have to be strengthened against consumer protection or any civilian Act, in cases when business confidential information is disclosed to governmental agencies due to security considerations. Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) also prepares the statement on issues faced by them while monitoring services and will be jointly addressed by the department of telecom and IT. The interception/monitoring procedures came up after security agencies indicated concerns about intercepting highly encrypted services such as BlackBerry.

The government has been demanding access for intercepting BlackBerry services. But, the manufacturer of Blackberry “Research in Motion” has always declared the inability to give access to its enterprise services as it does not hold the key. However, RIM had given a full solution to intercept its BlackBerry messenger services in January, thus preventing a likely ban on the services. RIM had handled manual appliances for monitoring its messenger services. There are over one million BlackBerry subscribers in India. RIM implements effective enciphering for encrypting emails as they transported between BlackBerry devices and a computer known as a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) that is specifically designed to protect associated emails.

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