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The Practice study on VoIP appliances and hardware

The Practice study on VoIP appliances and hardware
Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company and analysis firm for the telecommunications World, has issued its study named , "Partnering for Success: Best Practices in Product Development for Telecommunications Companies."
This study, initiated and sponsored by Aricent , highlights the advantages of communication equipment producers and services providers, acquired through early and continuous dedicated engagement with strategic development partners, according to Aberdeen officials.

Particularly, company officials say, Aberdeen's survey of communications companies found that “the highest performers consistently engaged with development partners early in their process,” and as a final result received the advantages from massive percentage increases in time-to-market, minimized costs, and increased product quality and efficiency.

"Our latest research clearly shows the product development benefits companies experience when engaging development partners early and consistently across each phase of the product lifecycle," said Russ Klein, Vice President, Technology Research Group Director at the Aberdeen Group. "Aricent's unique combination of consulting, design innovation, and engineering services should position the company well for the growing trend of third-party collaboration in product innovation." At the beginning of this year, we reported about the fact, that ‘’VoIP Supply’’, a subdivision of Sayers Technology Holdings and a manufacturer of Voice over IP equipment and systems, announced the appearance of its ‘’VoIP Phone Buyers Guide’’, the second guide in line, to be introduced from its "Learn More" package of educational guides to VoIP hardware.

"As VoIP technology hits the mainstream procurement, there is a great need for educational resources that help demystify and explain the various components that comprise a complete VoIP solution so that solid purchase decisions can be made," stated Garrett Smith , Director of Marketing and Business Development at VoIP Supply, adding "The VoIP Phone Buyers Guide is that type of resource."

Created in what VoIP Supply experts says is "a vendor neutral and straight forward style," the VoIP Phone Buyers Guide is a free Web download.

Aberdeen Group's July 2010 Contemporary Product Development study scrutinized the top 20 percent of actors “engage their development partners to drive a relationship of early and consistent collaboration across all phases of the product lifecycle, from business planning to design to product development and commercialization.”

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