World VoIP NewsThe price has forced Telenor to seek alternativesThe price has forced Telenor to seek alternatives

The price has forced Telenor to seek alternatives

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Broadband TV News reports that Telenor Serbia has started negotiations with local cableco Serbia Broadband (SBB) about leasing its cable network to offer fixed telephony services.
Novosti reports that talks between Telenor and fixed line incumbent Telekom Srbije over access to the its network have stalled, leading the regulator RATEL to propose a deal between Telenor and SBB.

Besides being the operator of the pan-regional platform Total TV, SBB is the leading provider of cable TV services in Serbia, with a network which reaches some 700,000 homes. It has been technically capable of offering fixed line telephony services for five years but does not have a licence to do so.

Telenor ASA’s Serbian unit opened talks with SBB cable TV, Belgrade-based cable TV and internet provider, to buy its telephone networking infrastructure to be used by the Norwegian phone company, said General Manager Dragon Solak.

“The price was too high and this forced Telenor to seek alternatives,” Solak said. “SBB, which is Serbia’s largest cable operator, has a well developed network and an access to as many as 700,000 households.”

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