World VoIP NewsToktumi makes Line2 VoIP Application to have unlimited SMS textingToktumi makes Line2 VoIP Application to have unlimited SMS texting

Toktumi makes Line2 VoIP Application to have unlimited SMS texting

Toktumi makes Line2 VoIP Application to have unlimited SMS texting
Toktumi, Inc., the enterprise behind the widely known VoIP calling application Line2, announced that the SMS-enabled release of Line2, Version 3.0, has been confirmed by Apple and is now available on iTunes to new and existing customers.
Line2 Version 3.0 becomes the first VoIP communications application to feature carrier-grade SMS texting , enabling consumers to exchange merely unlimited text messages with any SMS-enabled phone on any carrier. This texting experience is identical to classical and regular SMS services offered by the major cellular carriers. Contrary to texting- only applications for the iPhone, Line2 is the synergy of VoIP calling capabilities and carrier-grade texting in one solution, so that customers can use one designated phone number for both types of communication. There is no the same calling application available on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that offers this. Line2 customers get unlimited calling and unlimited SMS texting for less than half the cost of the $20.00/ month that, for example, AT&T charges iPhone consumers for just unlimited texting. Once you add in the savings achieved by dropping to the lowest AT&T calling plan and using Line2 over WiFi for VoIP enabled phone calls, clients can cut their cell phone bill by as much as $50 per month.

"We believe that Line2 Version 3.0 will be extremely popular with consumers. We added unlimited SMS and removed business features that consumers didn't need, allowing us to lower the price to just $9.95/month and broaden Line2's appeal," said Peter Sisson, Founder and CEO of Toktumi. Sisson added, "We still provide our business customers a full-featured version of Line2 with all of the features of the prior version, plus unlimited SMS, for $14.95/month. I use Line2 on my iPhone as my business number, so I have two numbers on one phone, each with its own voicemail, caller ID, and contacts. Now that we've added texting, its even more useful." This unbelievable VoIP solution is an even bigger boost for iPod Touch and iPad customers; Line2 turns either firmware into a WiFi mobile phone with all the features of a regular cell phone for minimal, less than $10 per month. For individuals with regular access to WiFi gateways, you now have a flexible alternative to a cell phone for a fraction of the cost.

"For the first time, Apple's new iPods offer built-in microphones," says Sisson. "Using Line2 on a new iPod touch is just like using an iPhone. No other app brings phone-number based voice calling, carrier-grade texting, and advanced features like call waiting and conferencing to iPods and iPads. This is absolutely an industry first. Customers won't miss calls because they can be forwarded to another phone or sent to voicemail if the device isn't connected to WiFi.

"Disregard to fact, that there has been a variety of third-party Google Voice applications created, none of them provides the working options and functionality of Line2. These applications do not support VoIP calling and will not enable you to make VoIP calls over WiFi or 3G data networks. Google Voice apps implements call- back methods to place calls, where the user enters the calling number and is called back using minutes from the caller's AT&T voice plan. Contrary to that, Line2, when calling over WiFi or 3G data networks, does not eat the cellular minutes, enabling callers to reduce their cellular bill or use their phone where they don't have cell zones. The Google Voice apps cannot be used for calls on iPods or iPads because those devices do not possess cellular voice connectivity. Moreover, Line2 supports both push notifications and multi-tasking, enabling customers to approach other inbuilt apps, browse the Internet, or hear the music while still receiving calls and texts. The Google Voice apps do not support this - the app must be open to receive a text.

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