World VoIP NewsToshiba releases IPedge VoIP telephony system  Toshiba releases IPedge VoIP telephony system

Toshiba releases IPedge VoIP telephony system

Toshiba releases IPedge VoIP telephony system
Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. has launched new telephone system, which is built only on IP format. This IP business telephone system, named as Called IPedge, is an affordable, user friendly application, as boasted by Toshiba. Enterprise describes IPedge packs as having all the array of features, integrated functionalities, quality and operational performance of a product which typically bears the Toshiba signature.

The application is currently available in United States from set of authorized Toshiba resellers. IPedge has been developed as Linux-based single-server utility, so users can program their telephone system to manage nearly all UC applications on a single server. These applications may integrate call processing, voicemail and unified messaging, inbuilt SIP line and complete SIP trunk backup, mobility, centralized administration of all sites, and features ample telephone endpoints. Moreover, extra applications such as meet-me conferencing, uMobility Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and Call Center utilities are reachable by means of additional servers. These features undoubtedly will boost Toshiba to a winner edge over the other companies currently offering IP solutions. Due to robust Linux-based Operational system, IPedge is easy to administer with a single IP address providing cost-effective deployment. The users will not be needed to integrate extra gateway equipment to use SIP trunks capabilities, which work organically with the IPedge.

Toshiba ensures 100 percent networking suitability with Toshiba Strata CIX. IPedge Net is 100 percent compatible with CIX Strata Net networking and provides a smooth migration pace for currently deployed systems, the company boasts.Company’s officials said that Toshiba will continue to offer its Strata CIX converged IP system, which makes users to combine VoIP with any others digital endpoints on a single system. The users can either take IPedge or Strata CIX systems--- they will get the best of both VoIP and traditional telephony solutions.

Users can utilize IPedge Enterprise Manager and a Web browser to manage their own telephones, including programming buttons and personalizing telephone functions.“IPedge goes beyond most competitors' IP solutions by delivering more applications on a single server, including expanded call processing and voice mail with unified messaging features, unified communications, centralized administration, and the ability for individual users to easily program their own telephones. IPedge empowers SMB and enterprise users to communicate more effectively, be more cost effective, and have greater access to their customers, partners and each other,” Brian Metherell , vice president and general manager of Toshiba America Information Systems, Telecommunication Systems Division, commented in a statement.

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