World VoIP NewsTpad focuses effort on SIP technology for it new VoIP solutionsTpad focuses effort on SIP technology for it new VoIP solutions

Tpad focuses effort on SIP technology for it new VoIP solutions

Tpad focuses effort on SIP technology for it new VoIP solutions
Company Tpad announced newest SIP Trunking business communication solution. Solution is the synergy of data, voice and high-speed Internet connectivity across one connection, thus providing existing and future clients massive cost-savings while enjoying all the advantages of VoIP. SIP is a service that is much more cost- effective than any other modern telephony solutions. It is a scalable next generation IP telephony solution which is able to exchange voice traffic by means of Internet connectivity instead of traditional wires or cables.
Tpad Sales Director Simon Jones describes the benefits of SIP Trunking :"What Tpad offers with SIP Trunking is not only about saving, it is also about improving workforce mobility and enhanced efficiency as we give each of them connectivity at a fraction of a price. Employees can make phone calls and can be reached through a single number that is accessible at multiple locations so that your customers, co- workers and vendors can get prompt responses."

Tpad's SIP Trunking is provided in several packages that address the growing requirements of small and medium sized enterprises and corporations. Marketing Manager Steven Johns have more to say about their SIP packages, "We are targeting at providing customers a full conjoined solution for their every business telecom need. Our SIP Trunks are offered with synchronous high-speed Internet connection that assures lightning-fast services, not only in the upload and download of data, but in routing calls as well. Our customers will be pleased to know that SIP Trunking isn't only limited to voice communication; it also encompasses sophisticated Instant messaging, toll free number accessibility, media conferencing, and many more highly advanced features."

SIP Trunking by Tpad is supported by Internet connection services offered by its partner company, Supanet, a prominent Internet service provider having more than a million subscribers. Tpad and Supanet has just recently sealed the deal with this partnership to offer customers a fully-equipped, excellent-quality and higly-efficient IP network that allows maximum productivity.

Tahir Mohsan, Tpad SEO says, "Tpad has been very consistent with the development of the most advanced and cost efficient data and communications solutions so that the business sector can operate more efficiently." He concludes, "With our new SIP Trunking service, businesses large and small can save big while enjoying the most technologically advanced services that can be offered by VoIP."

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