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Two billion smartphones by 2014

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The number of smartphones in use worldwide is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 32% between 2010 and 2014, according to a new Analysys Mason report, Smartphones forecast to grow to 26% of handsets by 2014.
More than 50% of this growth will be generated in developing Asia-Pacific and Latin American markets. Western European, North American and developed Asia-Pacific markets combined will account for less than 30% of total growth, so it is clear that the market for smartphones will transform over coming years.

Jim Morrish, Principal Analyst, responsible for Analysys Mason's Mobile Content and Applications research programme and author of the report says, "Smartphone markets in the developed world will continue to be fiercely competitive, but key handset manufacturers such as Nokia and Samsung are lining-up to tap a new opportunity in emerging markets."

Morrish says that there will be key differences in competitive dynamics between developed and developing markets.

"The ingredients of a successful mobile data proposition in emerging markets will be different to those in developed markets, and I don't think that an iPhone will be one of them. In the medium term, Android-, bada- and Symbian OS-based devices will dominate these new markets."

According to the report, consumer devices, rather than business devices, will be the primary driver of growth. "Ultimately, business handsets currently represent a little under 10% of all handsets in the market, so although we expect that in excess of 40% of business handsets will be smartphones by 2014, the sheer number of residential subscriptions dictate that residential users will drive smartphone market growth," says Morrish.

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