World VoIP NewsTwo Power Over Ethernet-Enabled IP Phones gets the certificatesTwo Power Over Ethernet-Enabled IP Phones gets the certificates

Two Power Over Ethernet-Enabled IP Phones gets the certificates

US based (Washington D.C.)Telecommunications company ‘’Teo’’, former ‘’Tone Commander Systems’’ proudly announced the acquisition of certificates for two models of Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled IP phones. Certificates are issued by US National Telephone Security Working Group for two particular models: 7810PoE- TSGA and 7810PoE-TSGB.
In general terms it means, that Teo is first producer of PoE enabled phones, to receive Class A government security approval. Designated body named Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) procures the certification process.

According to officially approved regulations and requirements, more expensive Model Teo 7810PoE-TSGA PoE-enabled IP phone is authorized to be used in so called “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities””(SCIF) locations without any limitations, and extra security related additional devices are not to be connected. It means Class A certificate.

However, a bit cheaper version 7810PoE-TSGB is Class B certified and it means authorized use only in areas, where Ethernet switches are physically positioned in SCIF areas.

In accordance with Teo officials, company continues the tradition to be a leader in secure, government approved communication systems. New models are fully SIP compliant systems, and fully adherent to US industrial standards.

Teo Company involved in phone and network solutions nationwide, in frame of Fortune 1000 Companies, working for small and big businesses, educational establishments, governmental agencies etc. Teo offers VoIP telephony, Emergency Response solutions (Enhanced E911) ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) telephones, consoles and Network Termination

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