World VoIP NewsUnivoip rolls out new upgraded VoIP UV platform version 5.01Univoip rolls out new upgraded VoIP UV platform version 5.01

Univoip rolls out new upgraded VoIP UV platform version 5.01

Univoip rolls out new upgraded VoIP UV platform version 5.01
Enterprise UniVoIP, a substantial provider of VoIP-based telecommunications utilities such as virtual PBXs, has announced the release of new version of its proprietary dedicated Unified Communications platform –OfficeConnect version 5.01.
This product is specifically designed to meet ever growing demand from businesses, seeking for effective coverage of telephony communications with their customers. OfficeConnect is reported to be associated with several innovative features that ensures customers with an access to corporate level telephony system without any requirements for extra hardware or installations. It provides the effective capability for employees to be mutually connected as well as relayed with customers, disregarding geographical locations and by means of single phone number from any international offices.

UniVoIP makes all required routers, gataways, set-up fees and other associated elements of networking can be streamlined and covered by one unified flat rate monthly payment. Moreover, version 5.01 is reported to be upgraded with wireless and cordless backup including settings for Mitel DECT and handsets and headsets on the Mitel 5330, 5340, and 5360 IP series.

On of the most innovative capabilities of product OfficeConnect is the profound ringing options, thus ensuring subscribers with the capabilities to select between pre-installed ring tones. Consumers can setup particular ring tone and designated the tone in accordance with the nature of one--whether the call is generated internally or incoming one. In a whole, this option makes users to differentiate between calls addressed directly at their extensions compared with the group calls.

Having all these powerful telephony call features and strong virtual PBX functionality, OfficeConnect is exceptionally powerful engine, compared with any traditional premise-based telephony system. User just plug a phone in any remote location and gets ready for conversation. All the reconfigurations, upgrades, and changes are being executed through a Web portal. Having deployed UniVoIP OfficeConnect, customers also get huge advantage of a single vendor deal. All telecommunication procedures and applications are being streamlined in one effective channel.OfficeConnect utilities are all provided over the Web or private connectivity, all services are being backed up by powerful datacenter.

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