World VoIP NewsUpdate of VoIP release Skype 5.1 for MacintoshUpdate of VoIP release Skype 5.1 for Macintosh

Update of VoIP release Skype 5.1 for Macintosh

Update of VoIP release Skype 5.1 for Macintosh
VoIP giant Skype has released an update to Skype 5.1 for Apple's Macintosh OS X. being available for immediate download. New release has more features. Company has a download link on Skype’s blog, so Apple consumers can modify their VoIP and online chat client software.
The most substantial update is a clarified question of detection procedures with Apple's own Isight Firewire webcam. Skype 5.0 has performed detection issues and the webcam wasn't being recognized totally in previous releases. Skype boasts that Skype 5.1 for Macs provides better management options. These caught by several users (more than two) on a call are able now group calls and select active respondents. It also delivers the ability to choose the previously dialed numbers kept in the dedicated dial pad.

Within the new release of Skype 5.1such elements as user interface and contact group has been relocated to the right side of the display, thus bringing to Mac users more space to operate the side bar display. Skype has also added the option of user feedback with a Quality Feedback popup when users end calls so it can track down how its new features are working. Skype has also created a couple of bug repairs that reported to be minor, but cpmpany does not specify what security issues it has covered with Skype 5.1. Skype didn't add any additional features to ensure data privacy. There was a heavy critique from Privacy International for the methods Skype talks the talk but doesn't actually walk the walk regarding the protection of users' personal information.

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