World VoIP NewsUpdate of Windows Phone 7 by VoIP provider VoxofonUpdate of Windows Phone 7 by VoIP provider Voxofon

Update of Windows Phone 7 by VoIP provider Voxofon

Update of Windows Phone 7 by VoIP provider Voxofon
Company Voxofon implements options of low-cost international VoIP calling and text messaging on Windows Phone 7 enabling users of this brand new smartphone to get connected with their friends, family and business contacts Worldwide. Moreover, the application is fully integrated on operational level for VoIP destinations, such as Skype, SIP and Google Talk.
The Globe is getting smaller, and a huge amount of people, businessmen and individuals now have friends Worldwide. The businesses itself are not longer contained not only in frames of single city or town, but even behind the borders of a country, getting merely. Whilst people travel, move global telecommunication becomes an crucial part of their lives and daily routines.

Voxofon is quite known for providing calls abroad and allowing to send international text messages from Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, and Windows Phone 7 smartphones. Aditionally, mobile or landline phone can be used for cheap international calls via Voxofon account. International rates starts from 1 cent/minute and international text messages from 6 cents. Application works anywhere, where a cell coverage presented, it does not require Wi-Fi connection. User pays to operator for a call to a local access number or for receiving a call. The application normally uses 1-2 KB of internet data for a single call setup. Nicest option is for those customers, who have subscribed for unlimited data and/or free minutes: they will not pay anything extra.

Customer’s Voxofon account is being charged just for the international part of call (from 1 cent per minute). The exact Voxofon rates for a particular call is always being displayed on screen before factual call placing.

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