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US government turns to VoIP solutions

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US government departments are introducing VoIP solutions, it has been revealed.
The Voice On the Net (VON) coalition has revealed that various departments are turning to IP telephony solutions as there are more reliable and less susceptible to damage than traditional phone lines.

The Department of Defence in Iraq and Afghanistan has deployed over 8,000 VoIP phones to ensure communication lines are secure, reports

Moreover, the US military established a VoIP network for the Iraqi security force which includes call encryption for confidential calls.

Tina Douglas, writing for the site, said: "The unified cost-efficient communication offered by VoIP is highly demanded by official institutions and is expected to stay, saving people from danger and unwanted complications."

Ms Douglas added that businesses can also benefit from VoIP as it is cost-effective and enables remote employees to stay in contact with the office.

Twelve US navy ships have recently installed VoIP, while there are also plans to deploy a nationwide VoIP emergency call network.

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