World VoIP NewsUTStarcom will pay 3 million dollars in finesUTStarcom will pay 3 million dollars in fines

UTStarcom will pay 3 million dollars in fines

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UTStarcom is to pay two fines of US$1.5 million relating to allegations that it bribed Chinese officials to award telecoms contracts.
UTStarcom has acknowledged responsibility for the actions of UTS-China and its employees and agents, who arranged and paid for employees of Chinese state-owned telecommunications companies to travel to popular tourist destinations in the United States, including Hawaii, Las Vegas and New York City. The trips were purportedly for individuals to participate in training at UTStarcom facilities. In fact, UTStarcom had no facilities in those locations and conducted no training. UTS-China then falsely recorded these trips as "training" expenses, while the true purpose for providing these trips was to obtain and retain lucrative telecommunications contracts.

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