World VoIP NewsVerint's  voice management and analysis applications receives ''Implementation AwardVerint's voice management and analysis applications receives ''Implementation Award"

Verint's voice management and analysis applications receives ''Implementation Award"

Verint's  voice management and analysis applications receives ''Implementation Award
Company Verint Systems Inc. has announced that customer ING Direct Canada has been awarded by Speech Technology magazine, receiving annual "Implementation Award" for its successful performance and implementation of Verint's Impact 360 Speech Analytics dedicated software.
The enterprise has reached impressive business benefits by utilization the cutting edge technology to improve customer interactions, identify the root causes of customer problems and issues and increased call amounts, as well as deploy a proactive attitude to improving the overall customer experience. Located and based in Toronto, ING Direct Canada has more than 1.5 million customers and nearly $27 billion in infrastructural asset. A lot of the company's customer interactions are managed across its contact center, which leverages Impact 360 Speech Analytics to automatically mine and analyze thousands and millions in the peak hours interactions to determine call types and incentives of interactions into its center. By deploying the solution, an organization can search for key phrases and words to track down and figure out customer needs, resulting in precious factual insight that leads to more effective employees interactions and considerable enhancements to other customer interacting channels, for example, the company website. David Archard, Head of Analytics and Quality Assurance at ING Direct Canada, commented in Speech Technology magazine, "We involved deeper with speech analytics to isolate certain call types to hear why clients were calling. Once we started doing these deep dives, we could focus on the 'whys' [behind their calls]." In one case, ING Direct altered its validation procedures for using verbal passwords over the phone, leading to six digits expenses cuts in the first year and quadrupling its return on investment (ROI) for the Verint solution. ING Direct Canada also figured out through Verint's speech analytics software that customer service agents required more training in specific areas. Agents were helping clients, but not always asking crucial questions as to why they might be closing their accounts, for example. In response, the organization created sophisticated training methods for its agents, which finally resulted in more than 70 percent increase in retention efforts and the ability to retain more than 50 percent of that business. Moreover, it has the ability to feed data beyond the contact center by sharing valuable customer insights with departments across the broader enterprise. For instance, ING Direct Canada now measures response rates from marketing campaigns and assists find out ways the contact center can better manage campaign responses through its front-line team. "We are happy to extend our congratulations to the ING Direct Canada team for its success in maximizing the benefits inherent in our speech analytics software and for the results it has achieved," says Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions. "To remain competitive in today's market, it has become increasingly important to anticipate market and customer requirements. Companies, like ING Direct Canada, understand the great value behind the insights contained in the voices of their customers, and how analytics and workforce optimization solutions can help unlock their potential."

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