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Verizon and Terremark merges

Verizon and Terremark merges
Company Verizon is about to acquire company Terremark. As the industrial outcome of this event Verizon will evolve its service stack and become one of the largest VoIP hosting and cloud providers in the World, according to Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdam.
Verizon will amplify its efforts in three fundamental areas it already addresses, but will get much more capabilities to leverage:

- Co-location: space, volumes, secures environments for enterprise IT equipment; 
- Managed services/hosting: managed network services, operational design, deployment, functioning, management of IT infrastructure for enterprises, IT security; 
- Connectivity exchange points: makes enterprises to connect their networks and equipment flexibly and cost effectively. 

Verizon’s McAdam stated during his press conference that the “real growth opportunity” is located within managed services—namely growing its existing suite of capabilities in the security area. 

“We want to accelerate our managed services capabilities without having to build from the ground up in terms of building, outfitting, and employing data centers around the world, not to mention putting in software applications and building a roadmap—none of which is our ‘core competency.’ Better to catapult ahead by acquiring a company like Terremark,” said McAdam, noting Terremark strength in regions like Asia and Latin America, where Verizon wants to increase its footprint.

Infrastructure developer Terremark will benefit from the financial and resource assets of Verizon brings to the deal, especially in the matters of security an partnerships with companies such as IBM and VMWare.

By managing its basic assets in network, security and IT, Verizon is looking forward to step into direction so ‘’everything-as-a-service’’, where business operations, intelligence and collaboration services will be delivered to “anyone, anywhere and on any device,” according to McAdam, who also said he wants Verizon to go deeper into business application management and embedded on-demand infrastructure. 

The financial details are revealed as the $1.4 billion acquisition (foreseen to be completed in 90 days), Verizon will grant Terremark to be as a completely owned subsidiary that will operate independently, even in collocation deals involving potential competitors. 

Verizon will keep the Terremark name and Terremark’s existing management staff.

“We will provide the jet fuel to help Terremark take off in terms of the work they will be able to do to get data centers up around world. They already have an assembled team that knows security, and applications, as well as relationships with governments and enterprise customers; we can kick that into higher gear,” added McAdam. 

Company Terremark offers its EnterpriseCloud IaaS service via 13 data centers in the U.S., Europe and Latin America; Verizon manages more than 220 data centers within 23 countries in its fully integrated telecommunications and IT solutions, laying on the fundament of enterprise’s global IP and mobile networks.

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