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Verizon nears Fios network completion

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Verizon Communications has said it has almost completed its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network, more commonly known as Fios.
The company now says it will focus on expanding its customer base. Verizon, which began building its all-fibre network nearly six years ago, says it is approaching its goal of passing 18 million homes in about 70% of its original customer footprint by the end of this year.

Verizon committed to spending USD22.9 billion on Fios, money it claims has been well spent. The new network has allowed it to add TV services to its lineup, as well as super-fast internet speeds: Verizon currently offers 50Mbps download services to its Fios customers, and it claims it could easily double the speed. According to the company, at the end of 2009 its TV service had achieved a 25% market share nationwide, while its internet service had achieved a 28% penetration rate. There are indications that new customer additions are slowing however; Verizon added only 153,000 new Fios TV subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2009, about half the number it had added during the same quarter of 2008. Verizon ended 2009 with 2.86 million Fios TV subscribers and 3.43 million Fios internet subscribers. Most customers take both services, but some internet subscribers do not yet have access to TV services.

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