World VoIP NewsVodafone Czech Republic expands 3G network to 3rd cityVodafone Czech Republic expands 3G network to 3rd city

Vodafone Czech Republic expands 3G network to 3rd city

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Vodafone Czech Republic has expanded its 3G/HSPA coverage to a third city, Karlovy Vary. Aside from the city itself, the airport is also covered. Vodafone 3G network already covers Brno and parts of Prague.
­"When building the high-speed 3G network we placed a lot of emphasis on its optimization so that we could guarantee the highest quality of voice and data services on offer," says Pavel Kos, Vice-President for Technology at Vodafone Czech Republic and adds: "Vodafone technicians traveled around Karlovy Vary for more than 600 km during the test measuring and optimization of the network."

Over the next twelve months, Vodafone plans to gradually roll out 3G coverage in thirty to forty large cities in the country, including all regional capitals.

The 3G network is being supplied by Huawei and supports peak download rates of up to 7.2 Mb/s and up to 2 Mb/s upload.

Aside from its 3G network, Vodafone also offers its 2G - EDGE network, which is now available to more than 95% of the Czech population.

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