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Voice over IP phone systems accelerates by 27%

ATLANTIC-ACM, a prominent telecommunications research Company, released the 2010 edition of its ‘’Business Connectivity Wireline and Wireless Report Card’’. The analysis is based on the benchmarking methodology, derived from more than 5,000 particular ratings of telecommunications carriers by their customers, and provides an elaborated review of the business connectivity world from the perspective of business and enterprise customers.
Dr. Judy Reed Smith, ATLANTIC-ACM CEO said in his official statement : “In 2010, product quality scores logged small improvements year-over-year, with products such as Integrated Services Digital Networks, Dedicated Internet Access, Internet protocol Virtual Private Networks and VoIP continuing to maintain their already strong ratings. VoIP demand remains strong, with 27 percent of survey respondents indicating that they already have or will migrate to VoIP phone systems within the year. Migrations, as expected, originated mostly from integrated access/PRI or circuit-switched voice users. ATLANTIC-ACM forecasts indicate that VoIP phone systems will continue to experience high growth in the future as VoIP products become increasingly commoditized and end users pursue gains in cost and efficiency."

This Research is already the fifth annual Business Connectivity Report Card is an industry-wide, benchmarking survey, study of the ratings of small- and medium-sized business (SMBs), corporate customers and connectivity subscribers to evaluate carriers in core operational areas as well as in a different categories of services and products. All ratings are based on the previous 12 months of service. The resulting data and analysis delivers operators with absolutely precious insight into what customers thinks to be their strengths and weaknesses, and allows them to compare their own performances to those of rivalries in a straight manner. Moreover, this research assists business-class clients make informed carrier choices.

About ATLANTIC-ACM: Company is Boston based, executes strategic researches and consulting services in fields of the telecommunications and information industry. The ATLANTIC-ACM has been delivering benchmarked customer feedback for carriers in its “Report Card” Series since 1995, the annual “Business Connectivity Report Card” as a product is presented fifth time already. Company is consulting clients in foreseeing the telecommunications opportunities for revenue aimed investment, market entry, benchmarking, customer response, and long-term planning.

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