World VoIP NewsVoIP and satellite communications provider Sky-Stream launches new IP-TV productVoIP and satellite communications provider Sky-Stream launches new IP-TV product

VoIP and satellite communications provider Sky-Stream launches new IP-TV product

VoIP and satellite communications provider Sky-Stream launches new IP-TV product
Company VT iDirect, Inc. being part of VT Systems Inc. announced that Sky-Stream FZ LLC, a Dubai-based provider of VoIP, Internet connectivity as well as satellite communications solutions, has initiated a satellite IP-TV streaming service over the iDirect platform.
Sky-Stream is part of the Atlas Telecom Group of companies based in Dubai. Since 2004 Sky-Stream forged a reputation as a reliable provider of quality low- cost VOIP services and satellite Internet access. Sky-Stream's IP-TV service delivers on- demand, high-quality streaming for movies as well as news and sports events offered via Apple TV.

This expansion is of Sky-Stream's standard Voice over IP (VoIP) and Internet service that designed for military and civil defense customers in Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of Africa. With the launch of purely recreational service, Sky-Stream wants to acquire new customers in the Middle East. These customers will be able to access the service from any location.

The new service is managed by iDirect's satellite platform, providing built-in TCP acceleration on an IP-based system that allows Sky-Stream to ensure rapid download to customers for immediate access to the desired programs. Previously Sky-Stream tested different satellite platforms and found the download times to be unacceptably slow: sometimes taking over an hour to download a full-length movie for client. Introduced iDirect's TDMA platform completely overcomes latency and other link reliability issues to ensure average movie download times to as few as five minutes.

"In developing a TV-streaming service for the Middle East, it was critical that we were able to reach any location and provide on-demand access to a variety of bandwidth- intensive content at broadband speeds. Delivering the service over satellite solved the first requirement, but not necessarily the second. iDirect's platform offers us what other satellite platforms couldn't: high-quality, high-speed downloads that meet our customers' expectations." Stated Riyadh Al ADELY General Manager, Sky-Stream "Many service providers like Sky-Stream are expanding services to address growing customer demand to support next-generation, bandwidth-hungry applications. By providing iDirect-based IP-TV service in the Middle East, Sky-Stream is enabling maritime, defense, and oil and gas customers to access premium TV and movie content from anywhere they operate.”added Majdi ATOUT Director of Sales - Middle East.

Sky-Stream has local offices and presence in Afghanistan and Iraq with state-of- the-art 24x7 Network Operation Centre (NOC) and hubs are complemented by a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, project managers and customer service personnel.

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