World VoIP NewsVoIP business and consumer solutions provider donates for PakistanVoIP business and consumer solutions provider donates for Pakistan

VoIP business and consumer solutions provider donates for Pakistan

VoIP business and consumer solutions provider donates for Pakistan
Company Tpad being one of the most progressive suppliers of next-generation VoIP business and consumer solutions, declaring an innovative approach to expanding communication access. Tpad provides a good quality global VoIP network, affording users a wide range of VoIP / SIP hardware. Company stepped forward with huge donation program.
Dr. Tariq, Head of Group Marketing of Tpad said that company’s calling rates are already the lowest in the world and they think that instead of doing a Ramzan discount offer like some other companies in Muslim world, it would be more relevant to help the victims of disaster. The 50% level of donation is unprecedented and much higher than offered in similar contributions by anyone before

Company’s official said: “Many of Tpad’s customers in the Middle East are from Pakistan and this will also allow them to indirectly support the affected people in Pakistan as well as benefit from Tpad’s lowest ever calling rates to Pakistan from just 3 cents per minute. We hope that all who learn about this Ramzan announcement will tell their friends and encourage them to use Tpad instead of any alternative service. By doing so, they will be effectively donating themselves too.”

One of the feature of Tpad as business and consumer VoIP solutions provider, is fact , that there is not need to have PC to use Tpad as the service, product line is configurable with the popular Nokia mobile phones. Nokia E and N series, such as E61, E65, E90 and the N95 phones can be easily customized for use with Tpad VoIP / SIP settings.

The donation campaign of by Tpad is designated for Tpad consumer credit turnover in time frames between 18th August and 12th September 2010, from all Middle East countries (including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar etc).

All profits will be transferred to the “Pakistan Floods Appeal” of UK Charity GT Foundation, which is registered under the UK Charities Commission (Charity Registration Number 1063741).

Tpad have also created instructional VoIP videos, that can be assessed on company website, to make the process of joining Tpad, and acquiring of Tpad call credit easier for new customers.

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