World VoIP NewsVoIP business solutions provider AudioCodes will work for ToshibaVoIP business solutions provider AudioCodes will work for Toshiba

VoIP business solutions provider AudioCodes will work for Toshiba

VoIP business solutions provider AudioCodes will work for Toshiba
Company AudioCodes, a famous vendor in enhanced Voice over IP “VoIP” and converged VoIP and Data networking products and applications, has announced that its media gateways have been chosen by Toshiba to upgrade the network performance and dedicated messaging system for Toshiba Strata CIX VoIP systems.
Both Companies have reached the resell agreement about AudioCodes products Mediant 1000 and MediaPack series media gateways for implementation with Toshiba’s VoIP systems.

VoIP business solutions provider AudioCodes has stated that their media gateways deliver PSTN circuit trunk-side connectivity to Strata CIX systems, transforming the PSTN PRI or Analog circuits to SIP in a redundant and load-sharing signal hierarchy. The gateways monitor provisional network and equipment shortages using call routing rules, re-routing call traffic to another available one or more operational Strata CIX systems, enhancing reliability and survivability.

Moreover, AudioCodes media gateways convert T.30 fax calls from the PSTN and on-site fax machines to the industry-standard T.38 fax-over-IP protocol and integrating the signal to Strata Messaging systems. Leveraging T.38 fax over IP protocol and AudioCodes’ TP-260/SIP media gateway blades, advanced fax applications can be developed and deployed in cases connecting to existing PSTN circuits or PBX equipment.

Toshiba’s officials has stated that endurance and reliability are the basic concerns for companies in a broad spectrum of vertical markets, such as public security, health care, banking and other routine services. The implementation of VoIP business solutions provider AudioCodes media gateways in a robust and load-sharing configuration automatically track down the failures and reroutes traffic with no interruption in service.

So, Chief Operating Officer for AudioCodes, Lior Aldema stated, that being chosen by Toshiba for the difficult task of creating high-reliability VoIP telecommunications solutions is a prove of the product reliability and embedded call routing intelligence within the AudioCodes media gateway product. This relationship also indicates the value of the embedded T.38 fax-over-IP protocol in AudioCodes media gateways, allowing Toshiba to concentrate its development efforts on the Strata Messaging application and avoid protracted protocol development and testing.

The Mediant 1000 is the latest release of VoIP business solutions provider AudioCodes low density media gateway products line. The Mediant1000 has enhanced hardware and software capabilities that delivers impeccable reliability as an access MGW connecting the enterprise PBX to the telephony network, since it supports seamless installation of the gateway, which means customers can have a seamless IP telephony service without any additional hardware or reconfiguration of their existing PBX.

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