World VoIP NewsVoIP call center provider PathSolutions becomes a Part of the Avtex FamilyVoIP call center provider PathSolutions becomes a Part of the Avtex Family

VoIP call center provider PathSolutions becomes a Part of the Avtex Family

VoIP call center provider PathSolutions becomes a Part of the Avtex Family
PathSolutions, a network, VoIP call centers, and other performance management solutions provider has become an authorized Avtex Network Infrastructure partner. Avtex is a Minnesota-based US wide applications and systems integrator, which specializes in Contact Center, IP Telephony, Messaging, Notification and Networking Business solutions
Bob Denman, President of Avtex, siad, “We select our partners based on the benefits and value that they can deliver to our customers. PathSolutions’ network performance management solutions offer our customers unprecedented visibility into the performance of their networks, continuously monitors for and identifies any network issues, and recommends fixes for those issues. From a value and performance standpoint, we consider PathSolutions to be the best in its field.”

Avtex, being one of the leading entity in area of telephony, data and business process automation applications, VoIP call centers and other fields, works closely with its customers in order to supply solutions of the next generation. Users of Avtex products and commodities are not only just surviving in current competitive environment, but thriving due to the customer-centric focused attitude of company.

“We are pleased to be part of the extended Avtex partner family as we, like Avtex, are committed to delivering high quality solutions to our customers. We believe that our VoIP and data network performance management solutions offer tremendous value to Avtex customers and their network infrastructures, ensuring the reliable and high performing networks required for Unified Communications solutions,” Tim Titus, CTO of PathSolutions, notified.

PathSolutions product named the Total Network Visibility solutions in frames of VoIP call and contact centers concept represents unique direction in tracking down the network performance by sophisticated modern engineering efforts. Its application for VoIP and data networks works as the network’s thorough sensors, eyes and ears.

The VoIP Monitor is absolutely unique solution that determines the situations and parameters where and why a VoIP call went bad, and then delivers recommendation for alleviations. Problems, with the help of PathSolutions’ network performance management solutions, are easily identified and quickly diagnosed. The VoIP call centers operators and engineers, by implementation of this device are allowed to spend their precious time resolving problems instead of installing and configuring software.

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