World VoIP NewsVoIP company 8x8 underwent the Evaluation of Virtual Office Cloud SolutionVoIP company 8x8 underwent the Evaluation of Virtual Office Cloud Solution

VoIP company 8x8 underwent the Evaluation of Virtual Office Cloud Solution

VoIP company 8x8 underwent the Evaluation of Virtual Office Cloud Solution
Company 8x8 Inc. has announced the final results of an extensive, independent evaluation of its 8x8 Virtual Office cloud communications solution. Industry analyst firm Wainhouse Research has executed the evaluation within the six-weeks time period. The results were published in a specific white paper.
"Actually, we were extremely happy with the performance of the 8x8 package," noted Ira Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research," Within weeks of implementing the 8x8 solution for calls with colleagues and clients, the Wainhouse Research test team experienced zero call failures or audio issues. This is an amazing testament to the performance of this hosted VoIP/PBX offering."

The research was completed on several elements and aspects of 8x8 Virtual Office cloud communications solution, including installation, operational performance, features and system management.

Wainhouse completed the evaluation with ultimate meticulousness. They signed up as an 8x8 customer under an independent name , flowed by deploying eight Polycom IP telephones in three locations in Georgia, Florida and Utah utilizing the existing local area network (LAN) in each location. Afterwards Wainhouse used IP phones and softphone customers to check and evaluate the performance as for test calls, as for day-to-day communication sessions with partners, peers, and clients.

"In addition to service reliability and audio quality, we appreciated the wide range of PBX features available to system administrators, the ease of use of the user portal, and the strong help desk that was able to answer a wide range of questions posed by the Wainhouse Research test team," Weinstein continued.

Upon the completion of all the tests, probes and evaluations, Wainhouse found the performance of 8x8 offering to be beyond expectations. 8x8, which recently came up with new offer of affordable, intuitive use cloud-based video conferencing services to businesses of all sizes, was actually pleased with the outstanding results.

"The Wainhouse evaluation reflects the typical 8x8 customer experience across the board from initial set up to call quality to customer support," said Debbie Jo Severin from 8x8. "We are very pleased that a respected firm like Wainhouse Research has validated the user benefits and value proposition our 8x8 Virtual Office service brings to businesses everyday with this very thorough independent assessment."

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