World VoIP NewsVoIP Company ITP VoIP rolls out solutions with 26 free featuresVoIP Company ITP VoIP rolls out solutions with 26 free features

VoIP Company ITP VoIP rolls out solutions with 26 free features

VoIP Company ITP VoIP rolls out solutions with 26 free features
Company ITP VoIP is offering quite innovative approach in the telecommunications industry with an array of calling plans starting at $10 a month and featuring 26 free features. The options are available online on company’s web site, added by a selection of premium add-ons accessible in ‘’à la carte’’ mode on a month-to-month basis.
Delivering the VoIP broadband phone service for home and business, ITP VoIP supports its telecoms plans with a wide selection of integrated features bounded by an intuitive online account management system. By means of online interface, customers can follow up and adjust their plans, with access to immediate phone records and other account paraphernalia.

ITP VoIP delivers the set of organizational features for residential and business VoIP service, such as speed dialing, *69, caller ID, customizable ringtones, and 3-way calling. The technical offers of the company makes it handy to built up a professional office oriented network with voicemail and hold music, as well as unlimited in- network calling for affordable communication between branches.

Company implements the full advantage of VoIP broadband phone technology with a numerous features of businesses, travelers, or frequent long-distance or international callers. All set of ITP VoIP's residential and business VoIP service plans makes users to select their own universal numbers — featuring the area or country codes of their choice — or to maintain their current numbers from traditional phone service.

To enlarge the array of capabilities, ITP VoIP also provides a selection of extra features that users can add or remove on a monthly basis through the online interface. ITP clients can take a virtual phone number, including international one connected to any area code or country code set to forward to their regular line. The VoIP broadband phone company can also deliver digital or traditional faxing into any plan for a very reasonable monthly fee. 

The performance of voice communications while providing the phone service is identical to that of a traditional phone line, ITP VoIP boasts to overcome many of the pitfalls sometimes reported to be associated with VoIP calls. There is a 411 directory assistance and emergency calling service fastened to an E911 address customers can update online. ITP VoIP also offers Forward On No Internet, which can direct calls to an alternate number — such as a mobile phone — in the event of an internet or power outage.

ITP VoIP has received high ratings against other VoIP service providers on,,,,, and many other internet phone review sites. Known for providing flexible, contract-free service available in affordable monthly plans, ITP VoIP is a popular choice for both home and business VoIP service.

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