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VoIP connectivity Session Controller from Sansay

VoIP connectivity Session Controller from Sansay
Company Sansay, a vendor of session controller technologies for the secure peering of packet networks, announced that VASUDEV Global has released its brand new session controller. Wholesale carrier of international and long distance telephone calls VASUDEV is headquartered in Hong Kong, and is looking forward to increase the profitability of its VoIP network by means of Sansay’s seccion controller ‘’Sansay VSXi’’, capable with a volume of 5,000 concurrent calls, that has been deployed by VASUDEV in its switching center in Hong Kong.
By deploying capabilities of call admission control, SIP/H.323 inter-switching functionality and Network Address Translation (NAT), VASUDEV is able easily interconnect its multi-vendor solution with other IP-based carriers, as well as its projected International network switching nodes in other countries.

Company’s officials stated that Sansay VSXi is capable to smoothen up all operational discrepancies between VoIP devices, with simultaneous control of routing, processing and manipulating session media. Because of theses capabilities, VASUDEV is able to ensure high quality for its mobile operators and customers. Company officials said that retail VoIP traffic is delivered efficiently, minimizing congestion and post-dial delay, thereby improving answer seizure ratios (ASRs).

“Sansay had been part of my different operations since last 6 years,” said Priyang Patel, CEO at VASUDEV, adding that the he has worked with different solution suppliers in the past but when he decided to start something of his own, he had to select Sansay.

Sansay is of intuitive operating algorithm associated with excellent level of security, and constant development and great support team are another reasons to go for them, Patel said. “With Sansay your technical need to carry voice traffic on SIP/H.323 is as easy as to count one, two, and three.”

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