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VoIP innovations from Google

VoIP innovations from Google
Google is going to include the feature of video chat for Android in order to fit Apple's FaceTime functionality, thus providing some competitive anxieties for other VoIP clients such as Fring and others.
Company will include a release of Google Talk with video chat in the Android 2.3.4 update is foreseen to be integrated into Nexus S and Nexus S 4G handsets. It is being assumed, that other Android 2.3 devices will get the update quite soon.

Users will see text chats superimposed over the video signal, and will be capable to change applications while keeping the audio part of a call.

The innovation gives some Android smartphones original video calling option for the first time, fully matching a feature Apple introduced on the iPhone half of year ago. However, Google's offering may be much more handy because many users already consume Google Talk as a PC chat and VoIP client, while FaceTime only works between iOS devices.

But for now, most Android phones won't support the new feature, since they're still on version 2.2 and don't have forward- facing cameras anyway.

VoIP app Fring already provides video chat, including conferencing calling, for Android handsets and the iPhone. Skype is also reportedly fielding a video-capable version for Android. Skype's massive PC user base is immune to what does or doesn't happen on Android, but smaller players may find themselves squeezed out by a native client like Google Talk. Tablets running Android 3.0 already support video chat.

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