World VoIP enhances its VoIP portfolio by patented platforms from enhances its VoIP portfolio by patented platforms from Digifonica enhances its VoIP portfolio by patented platforms from Digifonica enhances its VoIP portfolio by patented platforms from Digifonica
Company Voip-Pal.Com has announced the final closing of the Share Purchase Agreement to purchase private Gibraltar based enterprise Digifonica.
As the outcome of acquisition, all Digifonica’s shares have been transformed into VPLM stock. Digifonica is associated with the comprehensive marketing asset of VoIP routing, billing, lawful voice intercept, mobile gateways, and other advanced interoperability products. The list of dynamic patent pending engines consists with the routing messages for VoIP services. This innovative concept makes licensees to execute subscriber dynamic management from their existing proprietary management and billing infrastructures. The array of patented services enables Licensees to install and implement Digital Voice engines disregarding the geographical locations of the subscribers rapidly and efficiently, without risks of infringing on major VoIP technology patents. Products also cover Lawful Intercept sector of VoIP industry, as a revolutionary technology that meets the regional and global expectations of governments to empower law enforcement agencies execute scheduled and real-time VoIP intercepts in framework of digital voice communications platforms. The providers of networking services, for instance Skype, definitely will refer to the compliance with the official regulations on lawful conversation and signaling intercept. Product also covers Mobile Gateway features and applications, designed to enable an individual subscriber piece of equipment to get automated connectivity with WiFi/WiMax and all major wireless data processing connectivity. The utility also supports comprehensive 911 VoIP signaling, attached with the Advanced Interoperability Solutions , designed for the transfer of in-session VoIP calls processed and forwarded between differentiated wireless platforms, making customers to roam smoothly between various WiFi, 3G and 4G connectivity technologies without impediments and hassles. Voip-Pal.Com Inc. works in the sector of a broadband VoIP communications services, delivering regional, local and international VoIP calling to all kinds of home and business clients. The organization also distributes VoIP connectivity and reseller channels for its authorized partners. Voip-Pal.Com Inc. is the prominent vendor of international telephony communications b means of VoIP thru the Web, smartphones and PC devices. Voip-Pal's main commitment is to ensure sufficient quality, facilitated and cost-effective telephony tools for the amusement and business travelers who normally trust to their mobile applications, laptops or other means. Voip-Pal.Com, by means of completely owned attachment Digifonica Gibraltar, is reported to be a true leader in the VoIP environment which had boasts revenues of almost $60 Billion in 2011 and is demonstrating double digit annual growth. The augmentation of Digifonica Gibraltar's patented lineup massively improves value of shares and will aggregate a considerable revenue expansion for Voip-Pal.Com.

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