World VoIP NewsVoIP Phone Service Viper Networks monthly revenues in Saudi ArabiaVoIP Phone Service Viper Networks monthly revenues in Saudi Arabia

VoIP Phone Service Viper Networks monthly revenues in Saudi Arabia

VoIP Phone Service Viper Networks monthly revenues in Saudi Arabia
Viper Networks Inc. has boasted recently the impressive records on profits, when company’s wireless division in Saudi Arabia had generated approximately $300,000 just in October alone. Since most of the revenues in Saudi Arabia came from long term agreements, the Company says contractual continuance in November and December should deliver about $1 million for the last quarter of 2010.
Viper Networks has a contract with Saudi telecom operator 2P for sales, distribution and other value-added services. The enterprise also has secured very promising agreement with India’s governmentally operated telecom company BSNL for distributing pre-paid international calling cards.

Viper Networks is expecting 2011 revenues from their communications and wireless services division in the Saudi Arabia of about approximately $3 million. The Company’s basic wireless telecommunications hardware is located in the skyscrapers in the capital city of Riyadh, as well as so called Kingdom Centre located in the business district of Olaya, the tallest construction in the country.

However, as it is determined by operational policy of Viper Networks, big amount of the Company’s corporate clients are allowed a 90-day payment grace period for services rendered, so monthly or quarterly business results or production numbers may or may not be recorded as revenues for the certain period.

Notoriously, Viper’s joint venture with the Indian company on pre-paid cards is aimed for target audience of 50,000,000 Indian immigrants, residing outside India. The card it is selling enables users to call from any landline, mobile, PC or any VoIP enabled device from other countries.

Viper will generate revenues through network operations and technical management fees, as well as an equity ownership stake. Viper has targeted some of the largest telecommunications providers in Africa and the Middle East for various sales, distribution and carrier agreements.

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