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VoIP services by Truphone

VoIP services by Truphone
Company Truphone offers to customers with an international lifestyle a package of services that drastically simplify mobile communications, including its full GSM, so called Truphone Local Anywhere service and award winning mobile VoIP applications for Nokia, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.
Company declared about massive reduces of its calling rates to more than 30 destinations worldwide by an average of 60 percent when compared to recent rates for calls made using its Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Nokia and Android smartphone applications.

Truphone has also reduced the cost of its unlimited monthly call package to just $12.95 per month. Company’s new rates are currently as low as 2.1 cents per minute, meaning even calls to some of the most World’s popular destinations, such as the United States, France and China , can cost as little as $1.30 per hour. Calls made between Truphone users over Wi-Fi or 3G remain free.

Truphone was created in 2006 and was focused on the development of VoIP applications for mobile phones. Truphone has boasted to be as a pioneer in mobile VoIP services and its applications have been referred to as the "Gold standard". These applications are designated to make free or low cost calls using the WiFi capabilities of their mobile phones for the very first time.

More than four years already of Truphone presence on market of VoIP services and applications, they have seen continued success amongst both consumers and industry influencers, and are now available on a multitude of devices including many Symbian OS devices, the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, Blackberry and a number of Android devices. Company working hard to integrate an open multi-headed IM, allowing customers to participate in social networking and non-voice conversations. One of the really unique option, provided by company, is low cost international calling when outside WiFi coverage, by routing calls over the user's standard GSM network.

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