World VoIP NewsVoIP services provider ESCO Technologies unified solutions.VoIP services provider ESCO Technologies unified solutions.

VoIP services provider ESCO Technologies unified solutions.

VoIP services provider ESCO Technologies unified solutions.
Company ESCO Technologies LLC , subsidiary of the Setzer Corporation based in Southwest Ohio releasing at the Fall 2010 Channel Partners Conference & Expo (Booth #4031) its fully integrated VoIP services and solutions, including Hosted IP PBX, IP Business Trunking, MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching), Virtual PBX and concept of CareConnect; all these services are being launched on the level of business implementation.
CareConnect is a unified platform of telecommunication, information flaw and entertainment solutions especially designed for senior residential communities. By implementation of uniquely configured services program, ESCO Technologies delivers a residential telephony communication, Web access and a full-service TV at approximately 40 percent lower rates than typical per continental US. The add- ons services consist of alert and emergency notification free of charge. A version of residential solution ‘’CareConnect-Lite’’, is dedicated solution for the nursing home and skilled care market.

ESCO’s Hosted VoIP PBX offers more than standard calling characteristics, such as shared line appearance; multiple appearance directory numbers (MADNs), call pick- up groups, and one-button code dialing. Premium package of hosted service extras telecommunications features, such as unified communications, auto attendant, remote worker support, automated call distribution and further on.

One of the innovative approaches of ESCO’s is implementation of VoIP Business Trunking which uses one connectivity gateway for voice and data communications. The service is presented as digital trunks or ISDN-PRI lines and is compatible with traditional phone systems or IP PBX equipment. ESCO’s MPLS IP VPN is a network- based, MPLS-enabled WAN solution that offers multisite businesses more bandwidth, faster application deployment, lower network operating costs and more access options than traditional WAN services.

Company’s Virtual PBX allows for VoIP with an existing PBX system. Uniqueness of the approach is the technical arrangement of settings, which are designed for optimal processing: if there are no voice calls active, then the bandwidth is available for Internet use. As voice calls become active, the bandwidth for the Internet lowers to make room for ongoing conversation.

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