World VoIP NewsVOIP software provider Brekeke is interoperable with Skype Connect 1.0VOIP software provider Brekeke is interoperable with Skype Connect 1.0

VOIP software provider Brekeke is interoperable with Skype Connect 1.0

VOIP software provider Brekeke is interoperable with Skype Connect 1.0
Brekeke Software, vendor of SIP telephony software, announced and confirmed interoperability between Skype Connect 1.0 and Brekeke PBX. This new interoperability makes provisional users of Brekeke platforms to have flawless connectivity with Skype respondents.
As it was before, when connecting Skype with any VoIP service, there was needed an intermediate third-party product in form of gateway, as compulsory condition of such a connection. Skype Connect 1.0 now makes direct connection between Skype and SIP IP-PBX, which is traditionally being installed as a business telephony system. Since now, Brekeke PBX users can connect with Skype’s half of billion registered users without needs of any other devices to their existing telephone systems or hardware.

’’With the current popularity of social networking and smartphones, customers are always looking for new ways to connect with businesses partners’’, said Shin Yamade, CEO of Brekeke Software.” We have been receiving a lot of requests to offer compatibility with Skype Connect, and that shows that there are huge demands for connecting with various media in the market. With this confirmation of interoperability, any customers who have Brekeke PBX in their offices can offer Skype users the ability to connect via Skype from a website, iPhone or even Facebook. In addition, businesses can enjoy lower-cost calling through Skype termination services. I think of a reason why any business would not take advantage of such a great offer.’’

All the set of Skype services is quite indispensable to Brekeke PBX users. For example, Skype offers low-cost options for long-distance calls, DID numbers for businesses to process a distant presence by offering local numbers, and Skype’s click- to-call option, that allows Skype users to forward calls from their Skype account instead of using analog or other VoIP lines.

Moreover, beside of all above benefits, companies will also be able to synergize their existing voice communications into a single platform under Skype services. Avoiding the switching between Skype and a SIP-enabled system, workers can use one device to attend calls from Skype, SIP or regular landline telephones. For example, with this versatility, remote employees who use Skype as their telephone service now can connect straightly to people in their office with Brekeke telephony PBX. The employees in the office just answer the Skype call on their SIP phones.

Another massive business benefit to connecting Skype with Brekeke PBX is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system. By design, Skype delivers excellent peer- to-peer communication; still room of improvement exists, when connecting to Brekeke PBX allows users to expand communication instantly to multiple destinations. ACD can route the calls through a sophisticated call distribution process. For example, a call received through Skype can be put into a queue to hold until a sales representative becomes available.

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