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VoIP solution from Alteva

VoIP solution from Alteva
Philadelphia based Unified Communications (UC) applications provider Alteva announced the expansion of its robust products line by addition of hosted service Local Anywhere, this solution assigns multiple DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing) to single Voice over IP (VoIP) desk phone.
Implementing this solution via a hosted VoIP service provider, such as Alteva, enables the consumer-company to get an inbound notification that warns employees as to which DID, or phone number, the call is coming in through, letting the user to respond in a personalized manner. Outgoing caller IDs are relayed with the particular phone number to reflect that individual or company name, therefore making it less likely for phone call recipients to disregard calls. This innovative application will be most suitable for some types of organizations, where the nature of their daily businesses requires this kind of solution, not normally available in a hosted VoIP services.

For instance, Abigail Michaels delivers traditional hotel concierge style services to luxury condos and residential buildings in US. Having twelve designated locations and five private concierge contracts to work with, they are eager to switch to a hosted VoIP solution, but needed a phone system that would allow employees know how to answer the phone when clients call in to one of its many properties, as well as to have option to select an outbound line associated with each of these properties. "With a traditional phone system, we could have a different phone line designated for each of the companies we represent on one desk phone, but that was not an existing feature in a hosted VoIP solution," said Greg Flood, Director of Strategy & Operations at Abigail Michaels Concierge. "Other hosted VoIP companies were not able to provide this option to us, so we were thrilled when Alteva told us about Local Anywhere. This solution is ideal for our needs. It has enabled us to provide better service to our customers, while leveraging our skill sets across multiple customers."

"Implementing cutting edge solutions to maximize efficiency and provide a higher level of customer service is what is going to make an organization stand out amongst the competition," said William Bumbernick, chief innovation officer at Alteva. "By offering multiple DIDs though a hosted solution, privately labeled companies can now enhance customer service by giving employees a much better chance to personalize their service to the caller. In today's economy, anything you have that makes you more efficient makes you the better business." 

Additional features of Local Anywhere are: capabilities to setup local lines that are rerouted to a main site, utilizing HD phones with impeccable call quality, reduce desk and office clutter, there are no need for individual modems and many others.

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