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VoIP supply as replacement of traditional Phone cards

Company QT Talk, a leading VoIP solutions provider for residential, business and mobile services declared recently about its new created VoIP supply product PUREMinutes Plan ('PurosMinutos'), being a cost-effective and efficient international calling solution that has boosted significant growth for the company. QT Talk has monitored a double digit growth as a result of subscribing over 1,000 new retail destination each month to sell its international calling solutions.
The innovative VoIP supply product is based on next generation Automatic Number Identification (ANI) recognition software that setup merely any mobile phone for automated international calling, the QT Talk PUREMinutes Plan offers users the same functionality of traditional calling cards but without the discrepancies and burden of extra calling card fees. For example, classical accustomed calling cards require PINs or pass codes, which are annoying to remember and use, but offered QT Talk's VoIP supply, provides international calling which is easily enabled from any device -- landline or cell phone -- for high quality, cost-effective international calls. Each country has a designated, normally low per minute rate which allows users to easily predict what their total fees will be. There are no hidden fees, no add-on charges, and no calling cards or special codes to keep on hand. Additionally, users can place calls from any place Worldwide for extremely low rates.

"Our retail program featuring the PUREMinutes plan has been quite successful as businesses are looking for additional ways to attract customers, provide value and drive additional revenue streams," says Eric Ramos, President of QT Talk. "Our straight forward approach includes charging only for the actual minutes used on each call, without incurring extra fees, is attractive to users that have been taken advantage of by traditional calling card programs that often include hidden connection and maintenance fees."

As part of its promotional VoIP supply, first time users can receive a $3.00 trial of the PUREMinutes ('PurosMinutos') plan to call worldwide. The calling plan is created in order to add credits very easily and in handy way and requires no contracts. Whether you are calling from your home phone, business phone, or even cell phone, with QT Talk, international calling is made easier and more affordable.

About QT Talk: QT Talk offers smart VoIP calling solutions and VoIP supplies for any options of services and calling plans such as Residential, Business or Mobile Services. The company has created and manages flexible and affordable calling plans delivered through its Hosted VoIP platform, residential IP networks, business Internet and Mobile firmware; the solutions are these replacing traditional telephone service, international calling plans and calling card programs. QT Talk services can be bought from a number of retail outlets, leading telephony distributors or in direct way.

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