World VoIP NewsVoIP telephony manufacturer snom releases new phoneVoIP telephony manufacturer snom releases new phone

VoIP telephony manufacturer snom releases new phone

VoIP telephony manufacturer snom releases new phone
Brand new hardware snom m9 DECT phone is now available from German company snom technologies Inc.. The Company is global leader in industry of IP desktop phones and VoIP implementation software for businesses of any sizes.
The innovative product is designed in frames of Company’s philosophy to make continuous technological steps ahead in matters of office mobility. This full-function mobile VoIP handset is built for seamless, enterprise class quality VoIP communications. The snom m9 is expected to be on showcasing for the first time in the U.S. at the Itexpo East 2011 in Miami, Fl. 

In order to provide business customers with a relatively cheap cordless VoIp telephones that is fully compatible with all major SIP-based IP PBXs, the snom m9 unifies snom’s interoperable IP designed firmware with a modern and advanced DECT handset. The snom m9 handset will support four simultaneous calls and can interconnect nine handsets at once to provide a highly scalable cordless solution for merely up to middle sized businesses.

“The mobile-carrier world has given us a host of new mobility features that are attractive to users in an office setting but not possible with traditional desktop phone,” said snom COO Mike Storella , in a statement. “The snom m9 bridges the two, providing the best functionality of the mobile world with the desktop features essential to advanced IP communications.”

Electromagnetic interference free telecommunications are feasible with the DECT-based snom m9 as it utilizes a dedicated DECT frequency band to ensure the high standby time and superior speech quality modern users expect. This IP phone also allows Internet application integration, positioning it one step ahead of traditional WLAN handhelds.

The snom m9 offers standard array of features such as hands-free mode and calling line identification, as well as classical mobile-phone features, such as on-board address book, calendar, calculator and alarm functions. Advanced features are also included, such as IPv6 support, voice encryption, pre-installed security, and color picture caller ID.

“In environments where employees are on the phones for long periods of time, many need the functionality that comes with IP telephony, but also want the ability to get up and move around the office,” said Michael Knieling , executive vice president of Sales and Marketing at snom. “This is the ideal phone for any enterprise, SoHo or call center looking for an affordable, fully functioning IP phone not directly tethered to the desktop.”

Absolutely functional in merely any open standard SIP environment, the snom m9 also is featured by a sleek and elegant design and user friendly intuitive interface. An illuminated keypad and TFT color display and menu-driven graphical user interface grant easy access to its broad array of advanced phone features.

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