World VoIP NewsVoX Communications Releases Enhanced Symbian Mobile VoIP ApplicationVoX Communications Releases Enhanced Symbian Mobile VoIP Application

VoX Communications Releases Enhanced Symbian Mobile VoIP Application

VoX Communications Releases Enhanced Symbian Mobile VoIP Application
Pervasip Corp. declared about its wholly-owned subsidiary action of Vox Communications, which has released a downloadable VoIP application for use on Symbian mobile phones.
Pervasip's Chief Information Officer, Mark Richards, noted, "We posted the Symbian VoIP app on for downloading in more than 100 countries and we have already received sign-ups for our app from consumers in several countries. The Symbian devices that we will initially support include the extremely popular E6x, E7x and N8X series phones, and we estimate that more than 100 million such phones are in circulation. This app is simple and easy to install, and in addition to low- cost mobile calling, it provides users with a second line for inbound and outbound calls, including anonymous call rejection, call blocking and call forwarding."

Mobile users can now reach cheap VoIP based calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico from merely any country with mobile VoIP plans starting for as small as $4.95 a month. VoX delivers calling plans as low as two cents a minute and unlimited plan for less than $25 a month. Mobile users are also enabled to select particularly low-cost international calling plan.

Mr. Ricards continued, "We also continue to advance device support for Symbian phones, as well as look to other internal development solutions and partnering possibilities with third party developers for other operating systems. Our next development or partnering initiative will more than likely be an app that runs on Google's Android operating system."

In according to researcher Gartner, 80 million Symbian hardware items were sold globally in 2009, or a bit less than 47% of the entire World’s smartphone market. Just to compare with other systems, it would cover the combined sales of the iPhone, RIM, Windows Mobile and Android to deliver an app provider the same volume possibilities. Gartner also predicts that Nokia will sell in excess of 100 million Symbian phones in each of the next 3 years.

VoX Communications Corp. provides wholesale VoIP telephone services for both the residential and small business markets. In order to balance a nationwide VoIP network and internally developed proprietary software and product features, VoX recently entered the mobile VoIP services and applications area, which is expected to reach 300 million users by 2013. It offers a feature-rich, low-cost, high-quality alternative to traditional phone services.

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