World VoIP NewsWainhouse specified research on Polycom VoIP telephonyWainhouse specified research on Polycom VoIP telephony

Wainhouse specified research on Polycom VoIP telephony

Wainhouse specified research on Polycom VoIP telephony
Company Wainhouse Research, announced about the completion of validation tests it conducted on Polycom’s telepresence solutions, and approved Polycom’s claim of HD telepresence at up to 50 percent less bandwidth and no tangible loss in call quality.
Wainhouse Research (WR) has been retained by Polycom to execute a third-party evaluation of the user experience provided by Polycom’s implementation of High Profile within the H.264 video compression standard. Particularly, WR was requested to check up the probability of reducing the provisional call speed while keeping required video resolution and call quality by using H.264 High Profile.

To execute the evaluation, Polycom delivered Wainhouse Research with four HDX 8000 videoconferencing systems, attached with 1080p capable cameras. Wainhouse Research then built up two independent test environments, the first using H.264 Baseline Profile (BP) video compression, and the second using H.264 High Profile (HP). In 50% of of the test calls, Polycom achieved bandwidth reductions of at least 50 percent, with two tests recording bandwidth savings of 65 and 67 percent.

Whilst executing the actual testing, WR noticed impressive ability to reduce bandwidth via the use of High Profile. In low motion situations, the use of High Profile allowed for a 25 – 50 percent (and in some cases even more) bandwidth reduction with no notable compromise in call quality. In heavy motion tests with a high bandwidth reduction, some call quality issues were noticed during the High Profile calls, but not to the level, that the user experience was tangibly compromised.

"We were impressed by the ability to reduce call speed while maintaining video resolution and call quality via the use H.264 High Profile on Polycom HDX video endpoints," said Ira M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research, in a statement"Throughout our tests, the Polycom systems delivered bandwidth savings without materially compromising call quality of a typical visual collaboration experience. Overall, Polycom's implementation of H.264 High Profile met, and in some ways exceeded, WR's performance expectations."

Polycom offers H.264 High Profile support across its office telepresence and fully surrounding telepresence solutions, and within parameters of the Polycom UC Intelligent Core infrastructure platform. Some rivalries have challenged Polycom's claims of no-compromise bandwidth reduction. To answer the issue, Polycom commissioned WR to test its products independently.

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