World VoIP NewsWDN communications offers PC-2-Phone Cheap Phone CallsWDN communications offers PC-2-Phone Cheap Phone Calls

WDN communications offers PC-2-Phone Cheap Phone Calls

WDN communications offers PC-2-Phone Cheap Phone Calls
Company WDN Comms has launched new application, named ‘’PC-2-Phone’’ that consumers to forward cheap phone calls using their PC. By simply logging on to the Web and switching on their headset and microphone, users can make low rate international calls to most of the places in the world. The application is free to download from the associated Phone Card Central website and can start using the service instead of their traditional calling plans.
Users can receive 35 percent more air minutes using PC-2-Phone while making domestic calls within the US, in comparison with similar products. Moreover, the application ensures much faster dialing process whereby consumers just need to dial the number in international format without the use of an access number or PIN as well as built up a contact list that can be implemented for connectivity just by using a single click. Some of the key features of the product include availability of virtual number, voice mail and call forward. By utilizing all the benefits of virtual number feature, consumer can rent a phone number in a location/country of their choice that can be used by other people to make contacts at local rates.

In a release, Sylvia Pope, Business Development Manager, WDN Communications said, “We had the idea to develop and add this new product to Phone Cards Central, since we realized there might be many people out there who can benefit from calling directly from their PC – with lower rates. The business sector is a great example: if you’re collaborating with someone abroad and you wish to call them, you can do so from right in front of your PC: call them on their mobile, and discuss the latest offer they sent to you via e-mail; why call using a phone, when you can simply call using your head set and also receive lower rates?”

According to Sylvia, the virtual number feature will prove beneficial for travelers, especially to international ones since they can still connect with their friends and family using a local number. By simply renting a US virtual number, users can connect with the user through a simple local call which can be answered using a PC- 2-Phone application or have the calls forwarded to their cell phone.

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