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Webfusion CEO is elected to Nominet Board

Company Webfusion announced on 19 July about nomination of it Chief Executive, Thomas Vollrath by voting to the Nominet Board of Directors. It means, that a non- executive director, Vollrath will help to define strategic directions of one of the world's largest Internet registries, having more than eight million domain names.
Thomas Vollrath expresses his excitement on the directorship. He said : "Nominet has been through a series of crucial changes to its governance structure to further strengthen its constitution and ensure the domain ‘’.uk’’ space continues to flourish. It is an exciting time for Nominet, and a self-regulated .uk space holds great opportunities for all internet stakeholders. It's my firm belief that .uk has grown in such a healthy manner precisely because it is not controlled by a public body. During its time .uk has become the most trusted domain for UK consumers and businesses alike.

Mr. Volltrah is reported to be a self confident, results-oriented international business executive with experience in creating, acquiring, and leading variety of operations in different international destinations.

Webfusion is ranked 28th in 2010's by “Sunday Times” Deloitte Buyout Track 100, offering cost-effective, hosting packages for a wide spectrum customer-base - from web developers, designers and free time hobbyists to businesses with elaborated operations of e-commerce. Company is a Winner of 2009's SYB Award for Best Small Business Web Hosting Provider. Webfusion's customers enjoy market- leading security and services, such as full scale technical support, comprehensive Firewall server protection, one click installations, access to FTP group accounts and modern data centre. Webfusion has been ranked number fourth in the Top 10 Hosting Providers in the UK by pool in April 2010.

Company Nominet operates at the top of e-commerce in the United Kingdom, hosting one of the world's largest Internet registries and upkeeping over eight million domain names. Nominet runs the register of .uk domain names, as well as DNS infrastructure. Nominet is a registered as a not-for-profit company

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