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Yota to move from talk to action

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But regulator says that Yota’s licence does not support LTE services.
Russian WiMAX operator Scartel, which operates under the Yota brand, may not provide LTE connections under its existing licence, according to a report carried by online news site

Russian telecoms regulator Roskomnadzor is believed to have said that Yota's licence was issued for the provision of WiMAX services only. Igor Torgov, managing director of Scartel, however told the RIA Novosti agency that the licence did not include an exact definition of the technology permitted.

But Earthtimes writes that Russian operator Yota announced that it will cover its next 15 cities with LTE instead of WiMAX, and that it would cover Moscow and St. Petersburg with LTE by the end of 2011.

Many industry watchers assumed that Yota would deploy TD-LTE. However, Yota may have acquired additional spectrum to deploy FD-LTE instead.

ABI Research practice director Philip Solis comments: “If the speculation that Yota is considering FD-LTE deployment and that it will continue running its WiMAX networks in the meantime is true, this shows Yota’s intent to use LTE for fully mobile applications with international roaming. That leaves open the question of WiMAX’s feasibility for fully mobile applications.”

With the potential 4G landscape in a state of flux, how is one to keep track of the approximately 1000 4G locations (and the equally large number of fixed 802.16d locations) scattered around the globe as they grow exponentially?

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