World VoIP NewsZiplocal launches VoIP Phone Service for North American marketsZiplocal launches VoIP Phone Service for North American markets

Ziplocal launches VoIP Phone Service for North American markets

Ziplocal launches VoIP Phone Service for North American markets
Company Ziplocal, working in industry of digital advertising, has announced about introduction of the new public beta version of brand named VoIP phone services Zipring, as a simple, relatively inexpensive and scalable VoIP application to North American consumers. It operates with any phone, mobile or Internet device, requires no contract and is free to experiment with.
Zipring is based on open standards so it can be used with any VoIP software or phone device. Due to operational performance of Zipring to leverage the Web, it can make any Internet-based device, such as an iPad, iPod Touch, laptop or desktop computer into a phone and enable users to execute telephony voice communications using their dedicated Zipring phone number.

Zipring has no any roaming charges and does not require a specified contract. Zipring features consist with visual voicemail, call recording, voicemail to email, web- based calling and account management. Its versatility and open hierarchy built –up makes Zipring very comparable to a classical wired or mobile phone service than other Internet phone offerings and applications, but much more flexible and cost effective.

Erik Lagerway , vice president and general manager of Commercial Communications at Ziplocal, stated that Zipring can be deployed along with any phone in the World and users can integrate Zipring directly with any VoIP application or device available to them, unlike Google Voice or Skype without extra imposed charges and inexpensive calling without a contract.

Once private beta stages are in force, based on word-of-mouth and invitation-only access, Zipring is already in use by over 17,000 people and has more than 25,000 downloads of the iPhone application to date. Zipring appears with features of voicemail greetings, share SMS, voicemail and recordings, voicemail to e-mail, SMS send and receive, SMS to e-mail, and a free trial (includes outbound calling and SMS), followed by very competitive rates.

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