World VoIP NewsZultys VoIP products are being selected by bulk cargoes handler Martin EngineeringZultys VoIP products are being selected by bulk cargoes handler Martin Engineering

Zultys VoIP products are being selected by bulk cargoes handler Martin Engineering

Zultys VoIP products are being selected by bulk cargoes handler Martin Engineering
Company Zultys, being the prominent supplier of Unified Communications products announce that enterprise Martin Engineering's made a decision to select Zultys as a general UC vendor. A substantial player in industry of global bulk materials as well as relayed handling systems and processes with some 1,000 workers worldwide, Martin Engineering mentioned several advantages Zultys provides that eclipse those of its competitors, such as massively lower total cost of ownership, better quality of service and cost-effective scalability.
Martin Engineering's decision to implement Zultys ensures unsurpassed level of innovation and collaboration throughout its entire organization. Martin Engineering knows all the details how to make the handling of bulk materials like coal and grain cleaner, safer and more productive. The Chicago based enterprise has more than 65 years of operational experience, and provides practical solutions to typical problems in bulk materials handling. Being the organization working hard to deliver very best to its customers, Martin Engineering also is fully aware that telecommunications and operational efficiency are key factors of effective global business. That's main reason why Martin Engineering reconsidered its original decision to implement a competing solution in favor of Zultys.

"We employ hundreds of people at offices distributed throughout 11 countries," stated Wayne Roesner, Information Technology Manager at Martin Engineering. "Our phone system simply wasn't up to the task of providing the high-quality unified communications we needed for our global business units, and the cost to scale the system was beyond our budget." After complete assessment of Martin Engineering's needs, leading Zultys partner Midland Communications designed a Zultys VoIP telephony and Unified Communications solution that shifted all of the company's phone services to SIP trunking, ensuring cost savings momentarily.

The "all in one" Zultys system operational hierarchy also enabled the company to decrease its support and maintenance costs by half; the revised system not only met current business needs and fully supported remote and mobile workers worldwide, but also provided a clear and cost-effective path to the system's expansion in the future, as well as no third-party needed equipment, software or configuration, which eliminates new infrastructure costs. SIP-based communications support is included, as are features such as automatic call recording, integrated fax server, and comprehensive backup and recovery.

"We quickly realized that the Zultys solution was an ideal fit for Martin Engineering's needs," said Jason Smith, VP of Midland Communications. "Zultys' native SIP solution is efficient, powerful and flexible. Furthermore, Zultys has a true partner- centric world view. We know we can count on Zultys' support, and the fact that they view our success as being equal to their own is refreshing."

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