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RingCentral, an award-winning business phone systems provider, received a 2009 Webware 100 award for Communication.
Nextiva is the leader in cloud based business VoIP phone systems, hosting thousands of small and medium sized businesses in over 85 markets nationwide.
8x8 delivers easy to use and incerdibly advanced business solutions for a less expensive price. Voip phone service, hosting, video conferencing and unified communications all provided by 8x8. Over 25,000 businesses rely on 8x8.
Phone.com provides award-winning phone solutions that enable your business to stay connected and sound professional.
VoiceMeUp's services relies on a high-quality, redundant network and hosted at the iWeb DataCenter located in Montreal.
Business VoIP Services

Business VoIP Services

Millions of people who use traditional phone services deal with growing service costs and there is nothing they can do about it. The phone companies charge a lot even for calls to the local phone numbers and those charges are only for a certain coverage area, let alone the numbers outside phone companies’ own network and numbers from other cities and states. 

However, there is a way out: cool options for phone services are available once you choose to use the revolutionary technology called the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). For the same low rate for basic services A VoIP service can offer you the best coverage throughout the country, external states on the continent, and more distant locations like Puerto Rico and even internationally. In addition? you can get unlimited calls to any of those numbers free of charge, which depends on the service you have chosen. 
Can a Basic Services with VoIP can Resolve Cost Issues?

All those costs with basic phone service come from all that stuff that goes into providing you with service. A phone landline to be paid for installation, for availability to a remote location, for making long distance calls and connection for international calls. VoIP does resolve all these issues by launching the process over the Internet. The calls go via data transmission online and directed to the other party. This is done for calls within the country and across the world. This it is done at an incredibly low price for the VoIP companies themselves and then the savings are passed on to you.

Benefits for End Users

Exactly because these low-cost services are available through the Internet, you can expect benefits such as: 

- Basic services usually less than  $25 per month 

- Free adapters and equipment 

- Very simple installation of equipment, if any 

- Free local and long distance calls 

- Free or low call costs to international locations 

- Availability of the internet while making calls 

- High quality customer services

How do you make an Informed Decision on VoIP Service?

Whether you are looking for a small business phone service or a large business phone service, the information on available services is very important to make a decision. The folks who skip reading reviews on VoIP services like the ones available on this site on quality services such as VoIP (company name), Vonage or Phone Power will not be capable of estimating the value of the service properly. Reading these reviews will give you enough information to form an educated decision regarding the call quality, customer service, accessibility, costs and e-included features, all of which affects the decision for serious customers.

There are several different companies that deliver great quality services, but the final choice of the most beneficial purchase of service is up to the consumer.

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VoIP business
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Business VoIP
VoIP or Voice Over the Internet is sending voice data traffic over the Internet using Internet Protocol (IP). 

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