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RingCentral, an award-winning business phone systems provider, received a 2009 Webware 100 award for Communication.
Nextiva is the leader in cloud based business VoIP phone systems, hosting thousands of small and medium sized businesses in over 85 markets nationwide.
8x8 delivers easy to use and incerdibly advanced business solutions for a less expensive price. Voip phone service, hosting, video conferencing and unified communications all provided by 8x8. Over 25,000 businesses rely on 8x8.
Phone.com provides award-winning phone solutions that enable your business to stay connected and sound professional.
VoiceMeUp's services relies on a high-quality, redundant network and hosted at the iWeb DataCenter located in Montreal.
Business VoIP systems

Business VoIP systems

Cut your bills by implementing business tailored VoIP Internet Phone Systems
Choice of relatively narrowly business designed so called ‘’Business VoIP systems’’ is very wide option for small or enterprise business telecommunications. Prior the final business system is chosen, important expenses associated with these systems should be fully considered. Cooperating with a reputable VoIP business solutions provider is usually the good way to enable savings, and those reputable and serious providers are able to offer discounts on organic business VoIP systems products like phones and adaptors, and can take over all technical installations works on themselves.

In frames of business VoIP implemented systems, business VoIP service is charged in the same way that regular phone systems are charged by monthly fee. In some cases, a web service provider will often charge even more per month, for upgrades or technical changes you make to your regular internet service in arrangements for the added calls and faxes. Other costs to put on weight scale against the expected benefits of VoIP business system, before final decision is confirmed to switch or integrate are to be taken:

 ‘’Start up ‘expenses: installation, mounting up of the business VoIP system and other related costs are usually not included in your preliminary total pricing quotations. Your existing system should be thoroughly tested to ensure that your connectivity is of good performance: fast enough and that power sources are sufficient to support a new coming business VoIP system. Necessity can arise to install or switch-in additional equipment such as routers. If you have a new , but empty office without equipment, this process of start up will be, definitely, less expensive
 Operational Costs: in case of business VoIP tailored systems; such categories as upgrades of equipment and technical maintenance both fall under provisions, when most providers charge a relatively low monthly fee for maintenance. But make clear clauses in your specified maintenance contract provides for realistic wait times for technicians to appear. VoIP technology and business systems to adapt, are absolutely cost effective solutions in case if new businesses are not having existing internet connection on premises or sites. The reason is, because there is little to remove or dispose, no needs for specific and sometimes costly adaptors, and there are no need of any adjustments to a current systems to embed a VoIP system. Therefore, choosing to install business VoIP system from the very beginning can save considerable money.

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Millions of people who use traditional phone services deal with growing service costs and there is nothing they can do about it. The phone companies charge a lot even for calls to the local phone numbers and those charges are only for a certain coverage area, let alone the numbers outside phone companies’ own network and numbers from other cities and states. 
VoIP business
Have you ever wondered what VoIP could do for your business? Do you want to learn more about business VoIP? You’re in luck! This article will cover some of the top business VoIP providers and give you a quick background on how VoIP can benefit your company.
Business VoIP
VoIP or Voice Over the Internet is sending voice data traffic over the Internet using Internet Protocol (IP). 

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