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General office
VoIP Provider:SMS Roaming
Address:54 Hex Street, West Footscray
Zip code:3012
Phone number:+61390105505
Contact Persons
Name:usi william
Phone number:+61390105505
Providers Details
Description:SMSRoaming is a mobile messaging specialist providing professional solutions to clients from the corporate and public sectors, mobile operators, aggregators, resellers and others, giving them a new communication medium and new added value. Founded as a SMS Gateway SMS Gateway enables you advanced use of SMS MT and 2 Way SMS messaging with high levels of security. It is the perfect solution for companies who need advanced mobile messaging features without extensive investment or user training, integrating your system or database with our mobile transaction platform. Features * Coverage in over 150 countries and more than 700 operators * SMS MT and 2 Way SMS capabilities * Advanced messaging formats * Easy client connectivity over HTTP and SMPP protocols * Proprietary infrastructure and SS7 connectivity worldwide * Multiple backup options * Traffic monitoring * 24/7 technical support Benefits * Direct access to end-users worldwide * Competitive pricing, no setup fees, prepaid/postpaid options * High levels of security and traffic transparency * Different connectivity methods over HTTP and SMPP protocols * SLA-guaranteed services Figure: Implementation of SMSRoaming SMS Gateway in banking: Highlighting reliability SMSRoamingSMS Gateway brings you all the benefits of its high reliability and security. We have incorporated various elements in its system to ensure your traffic is not only delivered to your end users reliably and in time, but is also safe from malicious attacks. This makes the SMS Gateway the ideal choice for clients who insist on secure traffic and absolutely reliable delivery. Connect to SMSRoaming today to see how the SMS Gateway powers your mobile business.

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