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Point of presence
VoIP Provider:Crexpedio.net
Address:San Jose
Country:Costa Rica
State:San Jose
Zip code:506
Phone number:88340757
VoIP Provider URL:http://www.crexpedio.net
Contact Persons
Name:Jesse Gingold
Phone number:+18009846994
Mobile number:88323209
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:A-Z Termination, did numbers provider, International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Internet Telephony Service Provider
VoIP Services:Call Center services, Consultancy Services, E1/T1, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, Installation and Support Services, Termination
VoIP Equipments:Asterisk, Cisco Systems, Digium, Lucent
Description:Crexpedio.com provides responsible technical assistance and service on enterprise level systems in Costa Rica. We currently do ITFS in S America,N America Mexico, US and Canada alongside our strategic partners for Europe and Asia. We offer VOIP turn-key solutions using an Asterisk or NEC VOIP PBX. We also offer sub-account VOIP services on a per extension basis. VOIP trunks offered from 1 to 1000 channels, with DID’s from Canada and continental US, or toll free. As a backup solution this product can be intertwined with existing backup voice routes for better cost per minute solutions. Having deployed a true “carrier-grade” VOIP network, Crexpedio is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the explosive growth and demand for a growing assortment of unique VOIP services. We offer: PRODUCTS AND SERVICES » - Unparalleled quality via a one-of-a-kind VOIP network, 100% redundant backbone and a broad domestic and international footprint. - Unique and competitively priced products and services that are rich in features and reliable. - Customizable programs for service providers interested in turnkey solutions that make delivery of VOIP simple, flexible and profitable. - Customer service that’s available, dedicated and ready to assist maximizing overall customer satisfaction. SERVICES » -Crexpedio has designed its wholesale carrier network to be the leading VOIP infrastructure for service providers. TOLL FREE ORIGINATION » Crexpedio offers toll free origination service from all U.S. states, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Service is provided through interconnection agreements utilizing Qwest, Legacy MCI and Global Crossing. Crexpedio is also one of the three hundred companies in the U.S. certified to perform SMS/800 changes allowing us to quickly provision new numbers and move toll free numbers to other carriers in the event of an outage. LOCAL DIRECT INWARD DIAL SERVICE » Crexpedio’s local service covers over 92% of the US calling areas with nearly seven thousand rate centers to choose from. Areas include over fifty four states throughout the U.S. and Canada. Local numbers are provided through our interconnection agreements with many of the major competing local exchange carriers in the country. OUTBOUND TERMINATION / LONG DISTANCE SERVICE » Crexpedio’s termination product is a cost-effective service providing connectivity to nearly every destination on the planet. We bring together the creme de la creme of the inter exchange carriers into an affordable and quality voice solution. Crexpedio has developed a product and service portfolio designed to meet customer demand and make readily available the many benefits of VOIP technology. Crexpedio built its VOIP network from the ground up, maximizing its vendor relationships and alliances and leveraging decades of telecommunications experience and know how. The result is a company and network focused first and foremost on the customer and dedicated to delivering all of the many benefits available through VOIP technologies. Crexpedio delivers the inter networking and IP alternatives that are required by service providers and end-users and is focused on delivering reliable, high-quality VOIP products and services. As a result, carriers, service providers and end-users all benefit. In short, Crexpedio’s network is indeed engineered like no other.

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