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General office
VoIP Provider:vIopcom
Address:Yläkaskentie 8 J 48
Zip code:00730
Phone number:+358942891370
VoIP Provider URL:http://www.viopcom.eu
Contact Persons
Name:Gospel Onuoha
Position:Director of Business Development
Phone number:+358942891370
Mobile number:+358942891370
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:Hosted PBX Service Provider, International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Internet Telephony Service Provider, Internet VoIP and Video Conferencing Service Provider, Mobile VoIP, Voip Termination ISP, Wholesale VoIP Carrier
VoIP Services:Call Back, Call Routing VoIP Solutions, Call shop solution, E1 Bulk Wholeseller, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, PC to Phone, PC to Phone, Phone To PC, Phone To Phone, Project Mangement Services, Termination, Web Call, Web To Phone, SIP Softswitch & CPE, Sip Trunking, SIP VoIP Gateway, Termination, Virtual PBX, Voice and Video Conferencing, VoipSwitch, Web Call, Web To Phone
VoIP Equipments:3CX Phone System, Quintum, Quintum, SIP softphones
VoIP Billing Softwares:IP PBX, IP Phone, PortaSIP, PortaSIP, PortaSIP, ProfitBilling
Description:vIopcom is an International telecommunications company with network assets located throughout the world. Assets consist of vIopcom''s privately owned datacenters and Tier-1 access points where vIopcom peers with its providers and partners.

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