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General office
VoIP Provider:Zone Limited
Address:9 Chong Yip Street, Kwun Tong , Kowloon
City:Hong Kong
Country:Hong Kong
Phone number:+852 82061511
Fax number:+852 24297116
Contact Persons
Name:Eddie Leong
Phone number:+852 22969787
Fax number:+852 25647383
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:did numbers provider, FREE Callshop Software, Hardware, Hosted PBX Service Provider, Hosted VoIP billing service provider, International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Internet Fax Service Provider, Internet Telephony Service Provider, Internet VoIP and Video Conferencing Service Provider, Marketing Services, Mobile VoIP, SIP Billing, VoIP Billing Software Provider, Wholesale VoIP Carrier
VoIP Services:Billing Software, Call Back, Call Relay VoIP Solutions, Call Routing VoIP Solutions, Call shop solution, Collaboration, Consultancy Services, Data Conferencing, E1 Bulk Wholeseller, E1/T1, Fax To Fax, gsm voip solutions, H.323 Softswitch & CPE, H.323 VoIP Gateway, H.323 Wireless/ GSM VoIP Solutions, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, Installation and Support Services, IP devices, Marketing Services, Matrix, Outsourced Billing, Partnering for Origination and Termination, PC to Phone, PC to Phone, Phone To PC, Phone To Phone, Project Mangement Services, Termination, Web Call, Web To Phone, Phone To PC, Phone To Phone, Polycom, Project Mangement Services, SIP Softswitch & CPE, Sip Trunking, SIP VoIP Gateway, System Integration, Termination, vFone, Virtual PBX, Voice and Video Conferencing, VoipSwitch, Web Call, Web To Phone
VoIP Equipments:Asterisk, Asterisk, Asterisk, Digium, grandstream
Description:ZONETEL - We provide Aastra , snom, Grandstream , Newrock, Yealink products , VOIP Solutions, HK DID and China DID ZONE Limited (www.zonetel.com) is a member of e-KONG Group (www.e-kong.com) (HKSE stock code 524). We are licensed ITSP in Hong Kong and specialize in telecom solutions. Operating our branded long-distance calling service (www.zone1511.com) in Hong Kong for 10 years, we know very well how telecommunication works. We know equally well how to integrate it with your IT infrastructure. Attributing to innovations in VOIP telephony, convergence of telecom and IT systems is now put in practice with tangible benefits of improved efficiency and cost savings. We have exactly the experience and knowledge to make convergence work for you. We strive to provide professional service to support your growing business. Our team of experienced telecom professionals and system developers would thoroughly understand your requirements, select the right products and deliver the ideal solutions. Our service areas include: Corporate Telecommunications Facilities - IPLC, MPLS and IP VPN - IDC - PBX and telephone systems IP Telephony - VOIP, Asterisk and Open source IPPBX consultancy and implementation - IP PBX, FXO/FXS gateways, IP Phones - Hong Kong call origination & International termination Customer Relationship Management System ZONECRM - Feature-rich and customizable - Automatic Call Distribution - Agent management - Predictive dialer - Voice Recordings - Interactive Voice Response System - Hong Kong and China access numbers - Hong Kong – China connectivity Internet Fax - Heavy-duty web-based fax service with real time control Web Conferencing - Reservation-less and scheduled conferences - Support Inbound and outbound parties with voice recordings - Real time control and detailed call logs Web Callback - Web-based toll-free service for businesses with internet presence - Customizable user interface Professional Services

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