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General office
VoIP Provider:d2call
Zip code:676121
Phone number:+919895005343
VoIP Provider URL:http://www.d2call.com
Contact Persons
Name:Mohammed Fazil nm
Position:sales manager
Phone number:914832765988
Mobile number:919895005343
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:A-Z Termination, Agent Dashboard License
VoIP Billing Softwares:a2billing, IP PBX, Wholesale VoIP services
Description:d2call voip solution provides you best quality voip services ,you can experiance it by adding support@d2call.com to your messangers D2call voip Services D2call provides Varied types of VoIP Services for our clients. Our service ranges from calling card reseller services to Server implementations. Our VoIP reseller features include: • Voip Web links to manage your own business. • Voip Competitive rates as per the market where u can resell this very easily. • 24/ 7 Online support. • Voip mobile dialer • Voip PC-to-Phone • Voip Calling Card • Voip Device-to-Phone • Voip Callshop • And other VOIP Services, in H323 and SIP (G723, G729) Our Voip Package includes: • Voip SIP Softphone Dialer • Freedom to set ur own rates for ur resellers and clients.(manage ur own profit margings) • Real Time Online Voip Billing and Voip CDRs for your customers • Very simple and Friendly Voip Web Management Interface. • TDM & VOIP High Quality Routes • Voip A-Z Aggressive wholesale Rates • No Large Deposit • IP Phone/Device2Phone,mobile dialer, PC2Phone, IVR, Gateways and Others VOIP Services. About D2call We have been an established business corporate since the last five years. Taking in care of our traffic we have dedicated and special routes to Asian destinations. This accelerates the clarity and the profit margin, which in turn becomes the core source of income too. Sales gtalk/msn/yahoo/email id : sales@d2call.com support gtalk/msn/yahoo/email id : support@d2call.com purchase gtalk/msn/yahoo/email id :buys@d2call.com office phone : 91483965988 mobile :919745771411 Web url : www.d2call.com Location : manjeri,Malapurram , Kerala, india

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