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Point of presence
VoIP Provider:talk more
Address:F 39 - Noida
Zip code:12202
Phone number:95124234587
VoIP Provider URL:http://
Contact Persons
Name:Rinku V
Phone number:95124234587
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:Incumbent PTT, Internet Telephony Service Provider, Internet VoIP and Video Conferencing Service Provider, VoIP Billing Software Provider, Voip consulting
VoIP Services:Billing Software, Call Relay VoIP Solutions, Call Routing VoIP Solutions, Collaboration, Consultancy Services
VoIP Equipments:Audiocodes, Blue Lava Prorietary 2 & 4 Port Analog VoIP Gateways, Cisco Systems, Clarent
VoIP Billing Softwares:AA VoIP Enabler, Absolute, another, Billing system of own development, Custom Open Source Billing Solution, D-TAC, Dialogue Billing, ETS Billing

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